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SDPMart Premium Palm Jaggery (Sillu Karupatti) 1 LB

SDPMart Premium Palm Jaggery (Sillu Karupatti) 1 LB

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SDPMart’s Sillu Karupatti (Palm Jaggery) is 100% Natural and procured directly from local farmers. No chemical agents nor preservatives are used in manufacturing process. It's high in Vitamin B, iron and calcium. Regular consumption of Palm Jaggery positively impacts digestive health by activating digestive enzymes and it also improves immunity. The natural alternate to  refined sugar.

  1. In olden days Palm Jaggery is used to prepare coffee & tea as an alternative of white sugar.
  2. It is rich in minerals and nutrients and can be added in milk and given to kids as an energy booster.
  3. Palm jaggery can be eaten raw, or along with coconut piece which gives wonderful taste which most of us would have never done before.
  4. Karupatti is the best alternative to use for diabetics which most of the doctors prescribe.
  5. Perfect substitute for refined sugar
  6. Improves digestion
  7. Boost energy
  8. Highly nutritious
  9. Traditional and healthy sweetener

After opening this pack, use an airtight container to store. Don't refrigerate